Tricks for Gorgeous Summer Makeup that WON’T MELT OFF of Your Face! :)

TRICKS for summer makeup

Tricks for Gorgeous Summer Makeup that WON’T MELT OFF of Your Face! :)

Are you having issues with your makeup smudging in the summer heat? Stay away from makeup products that contain oils, such as eyeliner. The secret to smudge-free, long lasting eye makeup is EYE PRIMER! MakeUp by Sparkle Cosmetics has amazing tinted eye primers that last all day. If you don’t have an eye primer on hand, you can prime your lids with concealer or foundation first, then set with some loose powder. This trick keeps your eye shadow from creasing, allows for flawless blending and increases the longevity of your makeup. I love bronze and copper eye shadows on the top lid and instead of using eye liner on the bottom, smudge some of the same color along the bottom lashes to achieve that “smokey” effect. Covering your whole face with foundation in the summer time isn’t necessary. Instead, use a sheer tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and follow with a concealer to hide dark circles or blemishes. Try using a lip stain instead of lip gloss. It works wonders!

Learn Make Up Color Theory Using The Color Wheel With Robert Jones

Watch as Robert Jones goes through eye shadow, blush, and lipstick color using his make up color wheel. Learn all you need to know about how your skin tone affects your make up color choices in this step-by-step tutorial with make up artist Robert Jones.

How to Apply False Lashes

Here’s how to apply false eyelashes so they look as natural as possible. You have several options when it comes to false lashes: A full set of false lashes or small clusters of individual lashes. If you buy a full set you can cut them into individual lashes.

A full set will create lush, thick lashes, whereas individual lashes fill out your own sparse ones. No need to spend a lot of money on false lashes, you can get great ones in the drugstore beauty aisle and use them a couple times before throwing away. Strip lashes will most likely have to be cut shorter on the corners for a perfect fit.

Start by curling lashes and applying mascara as usual. Put a few drops of lash glue on a hard surface (I like to use the back of my hand). Then, use your fingers or tweezers to pick up the lashes and dip the root in the glue, making sure not to use too little or too much. Don’t apply the lash right away! Let the glue dry to a tacky texture before you put it in place.

Now you can take the lash with tweezers or your hand, tilt your head up and apply the lash right into the roots of your natural- lash line (If you are finding this method difficult, try putting a hand-held mirror on a flat surface and look down into it while applying the lash). Make sure to try and get it as close to the roots as possible. With little pressure, curl your natural lashes and false lashes together to blend the two. To hide any imperfections you may have on your lash line, add some eyeliner on the lash-line to camouflage. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, apply more mascara!

I like the classic Ardell lashes, they come in so many varieties and you can pick them up at almost any drug store.

For glue I love Duo Dark Tone Lash Adhesive.

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