Allow me to share with you my tips on plumping up those lips without injections or surgery!  Yes, it is possible!


Lip plumping gloss is an effective way to achieve a fuller pout.  It stimulates the lip tissue by increasing blood circulation while also moisturizing.  Remember, there are dozens of products out there.  Do you your research and read reviews online before randomly purchasing a product.  Look for ingredients such as aloe vera, sunflower oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, palmitoyl oligopeptide, peppermint oil, menthol, cinnamon bark extract, ginger or chili powder.


This IS possible to do without looking unnatural!  Get a liner that is close to your natural lip color and make sure it is freshly sharpened.  Look in the mirror and evaluate your lip shape.  Most likely, you will notice that either side of your bottom and top lip are not symmetrical.  Take your liner and LIGHTLY line your natural lip line. (Filling in the entire lip is optional.)  On the side of your top lip that is smaller than the other, SLIGHTLY overdraw your lip line to make it match up with its other half and repeat on bottom lip.  Once this step is done and you still feel like you can get away with overdrawing your lips a little more, go for it, but don’t go overboard!


For best results, always line your lips before putting a lipstick or lipgloss on.  It doesn’t matter if your wear lipstick and lipgloss, you can wear one or the other if you prefer.  Try to makeup your lip color fade from dark to light starting with the outer corner being the darkest and ending with the lightest color in the center.  Gloss can be worn on the entire lip or just in the center to reflect light and make your lips appear fuller.


Did you know, the “V” shape in the center of your top lip is called a cupids bow?  Fun little fact! ;)  The cupids bow can be highlighted to create the illusion of a fuller lip.  This is done with a highlighting cream or powder (or the lightest cream/white eye shadow you have on hand) and a small brush.  After you have lined and glossed your lips, dip your brush in a small amount of your highlighter of chose and sweep it across the “V”.  Make sure that it is blended nicely and doesn’t look like a white mark above your lip.


This is mainly used as a quick fix to plump your lips for a picture.  Sadly, it only plumps short term.  Using your index finger and ring finger, tap on your lips for 15-30 seconds.  This sounds crazy I know, but it is very effective!!!


XOXO- Jessica 


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