If doing your own makeup is the way you decide to go, I have a few tips to make things go smoother.


  • Skin Tone… DON’T be that girl.  Before applying foundation, match the color to your chest, NOT YOUR FACE.


  • Pick ONE feature to play up, eyes, lips or cheeks.  Dramatic eyes?  Choose a lighter lip.  Bold lip?  Choose a simpler eye look.  Bold cheeks?  Go easy on the lip and eye.


  • Don’t forget to curl your lashes.  It helps to create a bright, wide eye.  Even if wearing false lashes, curl your own beforehand.  While we are talking about lashes… Stick with waterproof mascara on your wedding day.  Don’t run the risk of smearing or running mascara.


  • Highlighter.  A highlighting concealer or a highlighter mixed with your concealer really opens up and brightens the under eye area like nothing else can do.


  • PRIMING IS KEY!  Prime your face, lips and eyes after moisturizing.  A face primer is going to allow the makeup to glide on easily, fill in pores and fine lines, prevent you from getting as oily and make your makeup last so much longer.  Eye primer keeps eye shadow from creasing or fading, allows for beautiful blending and gives the pigment in the eye shadow a perfect base to really POP!  Lip Primer works the same, it is going to prevent your lip color from bleeding or fading as quickly as it normally would sans primer.  Using lip stain helps with this as well.







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