There are differences in the way makeup is applied for photography vs. everyday makeup.  Makeup that looks great in person may not translate well in photos.  I put together a list of pinters to keep in mind when doing makeup for photography.

  • Do not go overboard on shimmer for eyes, cheeks or bronzer.  It can look great when applied properly but can be a disaster if shimmer flecks are all over the face.  It reflects light and can create a somewhat “dirty” looking appearance in photographs.
  • Fill in those eyebrows!!!  If you don’t fill them in on a daily basis.  Fill them in for your pictures.  Eyebrows are everything; they frame and complete the whole face.  This is especially important for anyone with light eyebrows because they tend to disappear in pictures.
  • The biggest mistake when applying makeup for photographs is not putting enough on.  There is a fine line between not enough and too much… remember that!  Makeup will typically photograph two shades lighter.  I definitely recommend doing your blush, eyes and lip color a little more vibrant than you normally would.
  • Always use a translucent powder to get rid of any shine.  A shiny face can ruin your whole look in pictures.  Even if a makeup artist does your makeup, you will need to have a powder with you for minimal touch-ups throughout the day.  A translucent powder basically makes everything more matte.  This is so important to remember if you have oily skin or are getting married on a hot day.  Wearing a good primer underneath your makeup helps with this as well.
  • Most brides are hesitant to wear false eyelashes; but let me tell you, false lashes are what takes a look from ok to WOW!!!  Even if you have naturally thick delicious lashes, adding even a couple individual lashes to the outside corner of your lashes can completely top off a look.  They may seem like too much in person, but in pictures they will look perfectly proportioned.
  • Apply your makeu0 in natural light by a window or in a room that is well lit.  The bright lighting will allow you to see every detail so everything gets blended well.  Keep in mind the time of day your wedding will be taking place.  If it is an evening wedding, you might want to dim the lights when you are finished to check your makeup with a mirror.  More than likely you will find that your makeup is barely showing up and you need to put more on.
  • Don’t skip on the lip gloss.  Some girls are keen on sticking with their chap stick.  But when it comes to photos, lip gloss really helps to make them look nice and plump.
  • Black Mascara Vs. Brown… BLACK!  If you think black is too harsh for you, I promise it will not look that way in pictures.  Most of the reason it looks harsh is because of how it is applied.  When you pull the wand out of the mascara tube, wipe some off on a tissue before putting it on your lashes.  After applied, comb through them with a metal lash comb or a disposable mascara wand.  Doing this will get rid of any clumps and make them look natural and wispy.


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