• Cleanse, tone (optional), moisturize and prime your face before applying makeup.  This is so important to achieve an awake, dewy, fresh and youthful look!  Face primers are used to essentially “re-surface” the skin. By applying a small amount to clean skin it will minimize the appearance of fine lines, smooth skin texture and keep your foundation in place all day.


  • The concealer and foundation should be a close match to the shade of your skin tone.  When choosing concealer and foundation, be sure to consider undertones.
  • Yellow undertones camouflages bluish dark circles and blue or purple veins.  Green undertones hides red blemishes and rosacea.
  • When applying foundation, use a wet or dry sponge or a foundation brush.  A damp sponge allows for more sheer coverage, and a dry sponge for heavier coverage.  My personal favorite sponge is the Beauty Blender which can be purchased online.


  • Common reasons for filling in brows are to fill in gaps, darken brows that are too light, and to enhance or change the shape.  Use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder that is close to the natural color of your brows.


  • The basic principle to remember is light colors bring forward and enlarge, darker colors make objects recede.
  • Apply an eye primer.  It’s the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours and prevents creasing.


  • Blush should look natural and harmonize with both skin tone and lip color.
  • When applying blush, don’t take it past the outside of your iris or below the nose.


  • Lining the lips with a lip liner helps to correct irregular shapes and prevents lipsticks and lip glosses from bleeding.
  • I love lining lips with a pinky nude color and topping it off with a tinted lip balm.  It is a nice alternative to the lipstick/lip gloss route.

XOXO- Jessica

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